SEO Keywords

How to Use Keywords for SEO

I am often asked by my clients how to use keywords to get better SEO. They are curious what keywords to use and how to use keywords for SEO. The use of keywords is one of the ways to improve SEO. What is SEO? SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization. It’s about making your site …

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Why Your Small Business Needs SEO

Image by SEOPlanter on Flickr  I’m often asked about SEO. What is it? Why do I need it? “I have a website, doesn’t that mean people will find me?” SEO (search engine optimization) is about implementing the necessary steps to get better results when people look for you online. SEO gives you higher rankings in Google …

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What is Google Analytics

Google Analytics tracks information about the traffic to your website. It helps in determining how visitors find your site, what pages are most important to your visitors, and how visitors interact with your site.