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Top Five Websites for Free Images

One of the most asked questions I get when I’m training or doing a seminar, is “where do I find images for my website?” There are many online options for finding images- some free, some subscription based, some pay per download. Here are the more common free options that I’ve come across. FLickr Flickr is […]

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The Entrepreneurial Way

Photo by Parker Micheal Knight on Flickr There’s a great read over at called Dear Teacher. It’s a letter to an art teacher. If you’re anything like me, art was scary for me. I didn’t consider myself an artist. My artistic skills didn’t go beyond stick figures, yet I was required to go to

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How to Stay Creative

Having worked in the creative industry for over 15 years, sometimes I’m just plain done with coming up with one more creative idea. Yet, over the years, I also know being creative breathes life and energy into me. If I can get beyond that ‘creative block’, I easily lose track of time as the creativity

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Tools for Charts and Graphics

Ever need a professional looking chart? There are a number of  options that let you create a chart quickly using your own data and then embed that chart on your site. And some of these offer other types of visualizations as well. Tableau Public Create a professional graphic within minutes. Download this this powerful free

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Work that Matters

Awhile back, I read a blog post called ‘The Art of Mattering’, by Scott Ginsberg. What we do needs to matter. My training needs to matter. My design work, my writing, my life needs to matter. To matter means to make a difference. To borrow from the blog post, here are ways we can matter

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Entrepreneur Essentials

Photo by Search Engine People Blog on Flikr Running a business is a bit like riding a century ride on a bike. There are thrilling moments (starting out, coasting downhill) and moments of where it’s just grinding work (going uphill, or miles 50-70 where you wonder how you’ll ever make it). I have an MBA,

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7 Sites for Creative Inspiration

As creatives, we often hit the creative roadblock. When that happens, I always like a fallback plan. For me, that includes visiting other websites that offer creative motivation. Here are 7 sites that do that for me. Siiimple I tend to like simplistic. This site offers just that. Lots of sites using the simplistic approach.

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