find out how to email large files

Emailing Large Files

The Best Options for Sending Large Files As Creative Entrepreneurs we are often tasked with sending files to colleagues or clients of our creative work, whether it’s images, design ideas or prototypes. However, we quickly realize sending large files isn’t as simple as just attaching the file(s) to an email. The types of files and […]

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Select Screen in primoPDF

Minimizing PDF File Size

When sending PDFs through email or placing PDFs on your website, you want to make the smallest possible file size.  Last week we looked at online options for sending large files. This week, let’s look at reducing our PDF file size. We’ll look at several techniques to minimize the size of a PDF file. General

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How to Handle Large Email Lists

Photo by  Jim Epler on Flikr Most webhosts have email list integration, but this often comes with limiting parameters depending on your webhost plan. For example, the webhost plans used by our clients limit outgoing emails to 200-300 emails per hour for one domain. Different plans raise these limitations but they come with higher monthly

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