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How to Set Up a LinkedIn Page

  I have kind of ignored LinkedIn. I set up my account at least a year ago, explored it for awhile, then focused on other social media. Recently, I went back and explored LinkedIn and I am pleasantly surprised at what it has to offer. I considered it to be more for making business connections, …

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How to Set Up a Facebook Account

How to Set Up a Facebook Page

This post covers how to set a Facebook page for your business. As with any social media venture, or website for that matter, setting it up is just the beginning. Managing it and using it effectively is another topic. Let’s get started on setting up a Facebook page.

How to Use Twitter

Image by Rosaura Ochoa on Flickr Twitter is the ‘social bar’ of social media. Twitter is where you hang out and talk with anyone and everyone. This can be a plus, or a negative. For me, it’s a huge plus. If I manage my time appropriately and use Twitter with purpose, I can make meaningful …

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