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I have kind of ignored LinkedIn. I set up my account at least a year ago, explored it for awhile, then focused on other social media. Recently, I went back and explored LinkedIn and I am pleasantly surprised at what it has to offer. I considered it to be more for making business connections, but it has some very valuable tools in helping to promote your company. To list a few:

  • Company pages
  • Products/Services pages for your company
  • Landing pages for your Company’s Products and Services

LinknedIn is the elite of social media. It is not only for the business professional,but also for the professional entrepreneur. In fact, with 150 million members, LinkedIn is the top business social networking site. In this post, let’s look at how to set up a LinkedIn account and a LinkedIn company page.

If you are the only one that will update your Business Page, you can set up your personal account as your Company page. However, if you want more than one person to be able to update the Company Page, you’ll want to set up a Company Page under your personal account. Plus, there are also huge search engine benefits to setting up your own Company Page, not to mention the opportunity for others to follow your company’s updates and the ability for you to promote your products and services.

Setting Up a Personal Account

Go to LinkedIn and fill out the very simple form and click Join Now button.

Fill in your current employment information.

The next screen will ask you to confirm your email. An email will be sent to the specified email for verification. Once you’ve verified your email, you now have a personal account! But, this is just the beginning. To maximize LinkedIn, you’ll want to fill out your profile. This can take some time, but it will make a big difference for others to be able to find you. The more complete your proile, the better results you will get for people being able to find you.

Other items you’ll want to add:

  • List your current and past positions & education along with your tenure there. This helps the right people and opportunities find you.
  • Add a profile photo– people never forget a face!
  • Add a summary paragraph. Think of it as your professional elevator pitch.

You’ll notice on your profile page the list of items to be completed within your profile.

You will also want to start making connections. LinkedIn gives you the option to import email addresses from various email clients.

Now that you have a personal account set up, let’s look at adding your Company Page. Please note, to set up a company page, one of your email address must be

Add a Company Page


From within your personal account at LinkedIn, click on Companies.

Then, select to Add Company at the top right.

Enter your company name and your email address. Verify that you are an official representative of your company and click Continue.

Enter Company Info

Add the requested company information on the right side of the next screen and a company description and specialties below.

Click on the Publish button at the top right. Your company page is now created! If you need to edit the page, choose Edit under the Admin Tools button at the top left.

Add Products and Services

Select Products & Services

Select Products & Services tab, the click on the Add a Product or Service button.

Enter product or service information on LinkedIn

Enter the information that describes your product or service. You can also add:

  • URLs for more information on your products and services
  • YouTube videos
  • features list
  • and more

Once you have at least one product or service, you can also create a Landing Page for your products and services. That goes beyond the scope of this post, but stay tuned!

For more information about Company Pages on LinkedIn visit:

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What has been your experience with LinkedIn?


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