Emailing Large Files

Sending Large Files

How many times have you tried sending large files, only to get the following warning?

sending large files

It is common for mail servers to have a maximum file size for attachments. Today, there are various options for sending large files.

1) If it’s a PDF file, minimize the file size when converting.
2) Use an online option for sending big files.

Minimize PDF File Size

If the large files are PDFs, check settings inside the authoring program (MS-Word, MS-Excel, …) or inside Adobe Acrobat to make sure the document is being converted optimally for the smallest file size. See my post on Minimizing PDF File Size.

Send Large Files Online

If you are not trying to send a PDF or you don’t want to bother minimizing the PDF file, consider using an online option.

There are two different types of online options:

  1. ‘website’ sends large email file for you, or
  2. use a Cloud Drive option like Google Drive or Dropbox.


Let’s take a look at several of the ‘website’ options that I recommend:

Transfer Big Files

Big Transfer email large files
Free to send up to 30mg files. Create a free account for more options when sending files (adding a message, password protections, etc.) Includes plans ranging from $8-$45/month.


Drop Send - send large files
Free for up to 5 files per month. Can handle up to 4gb file size. Paid plans allow for additional options. Other plans range from $5-$9/month.


wetransfer send large files


Free. Up to 2gb file transfer. Handles different languages.

Cloud Options

If you prefer using a cloud option, you will upload your file to the ‘cloud’ drive of your choice (Google Drive and Dropbox are two of the more popular options), and then share the file with others. This requires setting up an account with the ‘cloud’ drive of your choice.


For additional information and options for using sending large files, check out Cloudwards Guide: How to Send Large Files.


What has been your experience with online options for sending large files?

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