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Ezimba – Amazingly Simple Free Online Photo Editor

This post was updated April 2019. Then, again in July 2019!

Unfortunately, the Ezimba site is no longer available.

Please disregard this post.

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Ezimba is one of the simplest online image editors. It is all you need for basic photo editing. Plus, you don’t need to be a software guru to use it!

To use Ezimba, visit the Ezimba website, and choose to upload your image from your computer, from a website or from your camera.

Select computer, website, or camera

Ezimba for Creative Entrepreneurs

Before we get into the details of using Ezimba, let me just share that using Ezimba is just plain fun! As Creative Entrepreneurs, sometimes we just need a break from the day-to-day stuff and an outlet for just playing, and even being creative, not to mention you might even find a use for Ezimba in your Creative Work.

How to Use Ezimba

After uploading your select image, choose your effect or effects with just a click of a button! Ezimba offers numerous techniques and options.

In this post, I am applying one one technique at a time. However, you an easily apply multiple techniques by selecting more techniques without returning to the original image.

If you’d rather just watch a video, check it out!

Overview of Ezimba Techniques

Notice the columns across the top. Ezimba categorizes all their techniques into these four columns:

  • Convert
  • Edit
  • Mix
  • Create

When you click on an option within one of these four columns, that effect is applied to the image at the top of the page. Many of the options will take you to a second page where you can customize the settings for the selected effect.

Create/Warp/Swirl Effect

Border Text Example

Let’s walk through adding border text to an image.

Select Border Text under Label in the Edit column.

This takes you to a second page where you can select the font, font size, and the color of text and background.

Text options for Border Text

Set and select your options and click Convert.

The effect will be applied and shown at the top of the page.

border text effect using Ezimba
Border text applied

Quick Glance at Ezimba Techniques

Let’s take a quick look at the available techniques using Ezimba.

We will look at the options within each column.1.

1. Convert Column

The first set of options in the Convert column lets you convert your image to popular file formats.

The Enhance effects give you a variety of available techniques. Below is the Outline option. It turns the image into a pencil-like drawing.

Ezimba outline technique
Adjust/Outline effect.

And, here is the Texture/Pond Ripples effect.

Convert column. Texture/Pond Ripples effect.

The next set of effects in the Convert column are the Adjust effects. These effects adjust the color(s) of an image.

Ezimba monochrome effect applied
Convert column. Adjust/Monochrome effect.

The remaining options in the Convert column allows for quick image adjustments pertaining to contrast, sharpness and color.

2. Edit Column

The first set of options in the Edit column effect orientation. You can easily apply the desired orientation with a click of a button.

The next set of effects are the cut options. Apply these effects to crop, trim, or even create a vignette.

The vignette option cuts the image into an oval with a feathered edge. You are not able to customize this effect.

Ezimba vignette effect
Edit column. Cut/Vignette effect.

Ezimba allows you to easily add a variety of border effects.

Ezimba border options
Border effects.
Ezimba, add art frame effect.
Edit column. Border/Art Frame effect.

The next set of effects let you add text to your image.

Ezimba label effects
Label effects

We observed the Border Text effect in the example towards the beginning of this article.

Notice the other interesting effects available for labeling your image, including a watermark.

The remaining options in the Edit column lets you resize the image and reduce the size of the image file.

You can resize the image by a percentage or by specifying the size by pixels.

Ezimba image resizing options
Resizing options

3. Mix Column

The effects in the Mix column expands your imagination!

The first set of effects, Animate, shoots the fun factor sky high!

Ezimba Animate Techniques
Animate effects

Most of these effects have customized settings, allowing you to specify how you want a particular animation applied.

Be forewarned, that these animations not only take time to process, they will take up resources as well. But, who cares?! They are very fun to play with.

The next set of effects, under Combine, lets you add another image in various methods. The featured image of this post is an example of the Blend effect.

Ezimba Combine Effects
Combine effects
Ezimba Online Image Editor
Blend effect

Three techniques are available in the Mix section.

Ezimba Mix options
Mix effects

Ever want to see your image on the front of the National Geographic? Check out the Magazine technique.

Unfortunately, you are not able to edit any of the titles.

Ezimba Magazine Mix Effect
Magazine Effect

The remaining techniques in the Mix column have to do with color and creating an avatar (or cartoon).

Ezimba Color and Avatar options
Color effects and Avatar effect

The Color techniques can result in some interesting (and sometimes, weird) manipulations.

Ezimba Color Shift technique
Color/Shift effect

4. Create Column

The Create column starts with the Layer options. You can add a transparent or a translucent layer with customized settings.

Ezimba Layer/Warp Options
Layer and Warp effects

The fun factor again shoots up when experimenting with the Warp effects.

Below is the Swirl effect.

Ezimba Warp Swirl Effect
Create column. Warp/Swirl effect.

The final section of the Create column is the Art section. It is another of those sections where it’s fun just to experiment.

Ezimba art effects
Art effects

Below is the Oil Paint technique.

Ezimba Oil Paint technique
Oil Paint effect

Applying Multiple Effects

In the examples above, I applied only one technique at a time. You can easily apply multiple techniques to an image simply by clicking on additional effects.

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