How to Handle Large Email Lists

Email Lists

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Most webhosts have email list integration, but this often comes with limiting parameters depending on your webhost plan. For example, the webhost plans used by our clients limit outgoing emails to 200-300 emails per hour for one domain. Different plans raise these limitations but they come with higher monthly prices.

An alternative is to consider a 3rd party option for handling email lists. These are often free up to a certain number of email addresses or a certain number of outgoing emails. These third party options do more than just handle email lists. They also:

  • follow the anti-spam regulations
  • avoid limiting number of emails that can be sent set by webhosts
  • collect and manage subscribers
  • often include newsletter templates
  • include auto-responder options
  • can often handle more than 1 email list (client list, newsletter subscription list, etc.)

These 3rd party options have the technology and management software to handle larger email lists without it being seen as spam. They also have everything in place to be within anti-spam regulations.

Email Lists options

Veritical Response (they have a special free program for non-profits)
Mail Chimp (free for up to 2,000 email addresses and 12,000 outgoing emails/month)
Aweber (starting at $19/month for up to 500 subscribers)
iContact (starting at $14/month for up to 500 subscribers, free for up to 100 subscribers)
Constant Contact (starting at $15/month for up to 500 subscribers, free for up to 100 subscribers)

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