The Entrepreneurial Way

Entrepreneurial Way

Photo by Parker Micheal Knight on Flickr

There’s a great read over at called Dear Teacher.

It’s a letter to an art teacher. If you’re anything like me, art was scary for me. I didn’t consider myself an artist. My artistic skills didn’t go beyond stick figures, yet I was required to go to art class and draw or paint or sculpt. As a young girl (and as an adult) that’s scary stuff.

I don’t think it’s much different being an entrepreneur. We’re required to show our work.

It’s not much different than when potential clients call me and say I need a website but immediately confess “I don’t know anything about it.” At that point, I become the teacher. I need to respond in such a way to alleviate their concerns and their fears of stepping into the unknown – just like it was when I went to art class as a young girl, or just like it is being an entrepreneur.

Do we have the courage to show our work?

Are there others around us that will become our ‘teacher’ to help us navigate through the unknown waters?

How do you handle navigating the ‘entrepreneurial way’?



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