Work that Matters

Awhile back, I read a blog post called ‘The Art of Mattering’, by Scott Ginsberg. What we do needs to matter.

My training needs to matter. My design work, my writing, my life needs to matter. To matter means to make a difference.

To borrow from the blog post, here are ways we can matter even more:

Innovation that simplifies, matters. If your idea doesn’t solve a real problem for the world, you’re just doing something cool. Never underestimate the marketability of practicality. Does usefulness have a palpable presence in your work?

Interaction that elevates, matters. The point is to leave people better. To help them walk away from an encounter with a more colorful vision of what they can contribute to mankind. How do people experience themselves in relation to you?

Experience that educates, matters. We learn not from our experiences, but from intelligent reflection upon them. It all depends if you’re willing to listen for lesson, then document and share it. What did you write today?

Mattering is a choice.

The choice to be consequential.
The choice to fulfill your whole capacity for living.
The choice to take responsibility for feeling insignificant.

At work, in life and in love.

For more ideas on mattering, visit the blog post: The Art of Mattering.

Where are you in the scale of mattering? How do we make sure what we do matters?

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