Six Steps to Improving SEO Internally

Internal SEO


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In addition to Improving SEO Externally, there are six steps to do within your website to get better search engine results.

Regular Updates

This is the most important step in improving SEO for your website. Static websites fall quickly in search engine listings. Sites that are regularly updated perform much better. Keep your site up to date. And, include information on your site that requires regularly updating. For more ideas, see the Regular Updates section.


This goes along with regular updates, but is so much more. Blogging is a great way to not only have consistent updates to your site, but it also establishes authority, ‘likeability’, and expertise. A site with ‘authority’ ranks better than a site with no authority. Authority is established by number of visitors, links to your site, etc. Likeability is attracting others to your site. And, being seen as an expert increases authority and likeability.

Use of Keywords

If possible, include keywords in the URL of the web page. Place keywords towards the top of the content and use keywords 2-3 times within the first couple of paragraphs. And, don’t forget about your images. SEO for images is also important. Place keywords in the ‘alt’ and ‘title’ areas for images and use keywords in the image filename.

Internal Links

Be sure to link to other relevant information on your site. For example, this post is the second post in a series. I will include links back to the first post, and to more detailed information from other posts when appropriate.

Show Business Name

Display business name on every page. If you are a local business, include the physical address. This increases the possibility of search engines finding your business name and location.

Use Headlines

Use headlines throughout your website, not just at the top of each page but throughout the content of each page. Headlines not only improve readability, but search engines look for headlines. Use keywords within your headlines. In the web world headlines come in 6 different sizes. (h1-h6) Use only the largest headline (h1) at the top of the page. Use headlines h2 and h3 throughout the content.

What are ways you’ve improved SEO on your website?

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