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The fine tuning of key factors when it comes to search engine relevancy is mind numbing. Sometimes, I just like to take a step back and look at the big picture. This is what this post is about. The big picture of getting better search engine results. It’s more than just fine tuning keywords, and website content. In fact, it’s a whole lot more than just that. What can we do, ‘outside’ of our website(s) to improve SEO. Let’s take look at a few of those areas.

Inbound Links

Inbound links are links to your site from other websites. It may be from a local Chamber of Commerce site. It may be from an industry-related site. It may be from a supplier site. The options are numerous and varied. The more quality inbound links coming to your site, the more search engines like you. It’s a ‘likeability’ factor. The more others (websites) like you, the more Google likes you. What’s your likeability factor? Here are ideas in how to improve your likeability factor:

  • Be listed in directories and local listings
  • Comment on blogs
  • Be a guest blogger
  • Community sites

Not only do you want inbound links, you want smart inbound links. For more information on smart links and the above options, visit How to Build Inbound Links.


This step also improves inbound links, but online socializing is becoming huge in getting good search engine results. Not socializing in the normal, bar-hopping-type socializing manner, but in providing valuable information. Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and Google+ are all great ways to share valuable information pertaining to your business as well as provide feedback for others within your social networks. Don’t just bombard them with information, but have discussions and conversations with them. It’s just like attending a party. We enjoy socializing with those that interact with us and are interested in us. We avoid those that only talk about themselves.


Take advantage of local or national events. The Chamber of Commerce often has brown bag type seminars/presentations. What about organizations within your industry? In my industry, there are numerous meetups dealing with a variety of web design/creative entrepreneur topics. Become a part of these organizations. Join those that make you sing, not those that become an obligation. Remember, your goal is to network and have fun, not network and be miserable. For me, I have to be selective. I do better when I am a part of putting an event together, or one of the speakers,or am volunteering for a specific task. I’m not so good at just showing up and ‘networking.’ Find a way to network that works for you. What’s this have to do with your website and SEO? Plenty. As your name gets out there, it brings more people to your site.

Online Newsletters

Not only do online newsletters aid in getting visitors to your site, it is a great way to provide valuable information to your clients. And, stay in regular contact with them. For more information in how to do an online newsletter, see How to Get a Performing Website Part 5: Online Newsletters

Build Authority

Become an expert in your field. Are you an accountant? Share your knowledge and expertise. Are you a plumber? Tell me more about what I need to do to save on my water bill. Are you a writer? Tell me how you found the time to write your first book. The skills and knowledge we have that others want to know is more than we think. Share it. By sharing your expertise, you become known and perceived as the expert. This can be done offline and online. Share your expertise offline through the network/present/volunteer information above. Share your expertise online through blogging (more next week), guest blogging, or being interviewed, video taped, or recorded.

What are ways you’ve found to improve SEO ‘externally’?

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