Four Steps to a Performing Website

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Too often we think once we have a website that we’re done. That’s far from the truth. Yes, having a website is a great start. But, it’s a start. To get a performing website, it needs

  • to be a part of an overall marketing plan
  • consistent updates
  • search engine optimization
  • up-to-date technology

None of these are one time events. They are ongoing.

Part of an Overall Marketing Plan

Your website is just one aspect of an overall marketing plan. Here are just a few ways to integrate your website into your marketing plan:

  • include website address on business cards, invoices, email signatures, etc.
  • draw others to your site through use of social media
  • increase traffic to your site through use of polls, surveys, games
  • include a blog on your site

Consistent updates

Search engines eventually ignore static sites. Dynamic and current websites attract search engines. Put a plan in place to have your site updated regularly. It may mean posting events, news, highlights, monthly contests, etc.

Search engine optimization (SEO)

This has become a science in itself:Search Engine Optimization (SEO). Companies specialize in SEO for websites. The first two ideas aid in helping SEO. Inbound links (others linking to your site), consistent updates, use of relevant and valuable information, placement of keywords are all a part of a good search engine optimization plan.

Up To Date Technology

We are all aware of how fast technology changes. The same is true for your website. The life of a website is 3-5 years max. After that, it will begin to look stale as the technology has changed significantly. There will be better ways to build your site, to update your site, to present your site. Keep your site current.

When it comes down to it, good and effective websites are always in process. It’s not a check-off-your-list item, it needs to be a recurring, consistent item on your to-do list.

Where’s your website? Has it been checked off or is it in-process?

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