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What’s New in Photoshop CC

The new Photoshop CC version comes with a host of new features. Let’s look at the top new features in this new release of Photoshop CC. Camera Shake Reduction Before Shake Reduction After Shake Reduction   Reduce blur and restore sharpness with this new feature. Camera Shake Reduction, available under Filters/Sharpen/Shake Reduction brings clarity to

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Optimize Your Images in Photoshop

In the post, Make Your Images Web-Ready,  we discussed the three factors that affect optimizing images. In this post, let’s use Photoshop to optimally set each of those factors: Image Resolution, Image Size , and File Format/Compression. Image Resolution Image resolution is set in the Image Size dialog box. With your image open in PHotohsop,

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Make Your Images Web-Ready

Image Resolution, Image Size, and File Format Have you noticed images that verrry slooowwly display on a website? We’ve all seen it. What that happens, that is a prime example of an image that is not, what I call, web-ready or, in more technical terms, it is not optimized. In this post, we’ll talk about

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UA Actions

The Photo Argus (@thephotoargus) just released an amazing set of Photoshop Actions that give photographers professional retouching workflows with a single click. If you’re a photographer, ranging from a hobbyist to professional, you’ll want to check out these well-done, thought-out actions. There are three different suites of Photoshop Union Actions. Photo Designer Portrait Suite Texturize

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