UA Actions

The Photo Argus (@thephotoargus) just released an amazing set of Photoshop Actions that give photographers professional retouching workflows with a single click. If you’re a photographer, ranging from a hobbyist to professional, you’ll want to check out these well-done, thought-out actions. There are three different suites of Photoshop Union Actions. Photo Designer Portrait Suite Texturize …

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Top 7 Quick Photoshop Tips

Having used Photoshop for many years, I find there are specific tricks I do over and over. Here are my 5 of my favorites: Multiple Undo’s What I love about Photoshop is there always something new to learn. I think this feature has been there for a long time, but I found it just in …

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Web-able Images

Ever notice how sometimes an image slowly paints itself into place on a webpage? It’s as if we see the pixels downloading and showing up on our screen a line at a time. That is an image that has not been ‘webitized’. As a web designer, it’s important that our images are  ‘web-able’.