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What’s New in Photoshop CC

photoshop cc

The new Photoshop CC version comes with a host of new features. Let’s look at the top new features in this new release of Photoshop CC.

Camera Shake Reduction

before shake reduction photoshop cc after shake reduction photoshop cc
Before Shake Reduction After Shake Reduction


Reduce blur and restore sharpness with this new feature. Camera Shake Reduction, available under Filters/Sharpen/Shake Reduction brings clarity to images whether the blur was caused by slow shutter speed or a long focal length.


Editable Rounded Rectangles

edit shape in properties panel photoshop cc

rectangle shape photoshop cc edit rectangle rounded corners photoshop cc

Editing shape layers becomes much easier in Photoshop CC. You can easily change the fill color, the stroke color, the stroke width, type of stroke, etc. You can also change a standard rectangle shape (square corners) into a rounded rectangle from the new properties panel for shape layers. Plus, for web designers, you can also export CSS data to create the same shape (button) on a web page.

Intelligent Upsampling

enlarge image photoshop cc

It used to be nearly impossible to enlarge images or increase resolution without introducing noise and losing quality. With Photoshop CC, there is now ‘intelligent upsampling’. Preserve detail and sharpness while enlarging images. Start with a low-res image and make it look great in print. Or blow up an image for poster or billboard size and retain the detail and sharpness with this ‘Preserve Details Interpolation’ option available in the Image Size tool.

New Smart Sharpen Filter

smart sharpen window photoshop cc

The New Smart Sharpen filter fully replaces the old Smart Sharpen Filter. The old Smart Sharpen filter is in legacy mode and is still accessible from the panel menu. The new Smart Sharpen filter lets you resize the panel to enlarge your preview area. Minimize noise with a new Reduce Noise slider. Shadow/highlight targeting, which used to be a part of the Advanced option, is now a part of the original panel.

Adobe Camera Raw Filter

camera raw filter window photoshop cc
camera raw as smart filter in photoshop cc

In Photoshop CC, you can now apply Adobe Camera Raw as a filter. In prior versions, you could only apply Camera Raw when opening an image, prior to bringing it into Photoshop. This new feature lets you apply camera raw as a filter or smart filter.

What has been your experience with Photoshop CC? What are your favorite new features?

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