30 Most Useful Photoshop Keyboard Shortcuts

Keyboard Shortcuts for Photoshop


Using keyboard shortcuts in Photoshop saves a lot of time. Below are my top 30 keyboard shortcuts that I use over and over. What are your top keyboard shortcuts? Comment below to share your favorites.

Ctrl-N: Open New File. The size of the new file will default to what is in your clipboard.

Ctrl-W: Close File

Ctrl-S: Save file

Ctrl-T: Transform. Use this to transform a layer’s content. Layer must be selected.

V: Move tool

M: Marquee tools

L: Lasso tools

C: Crop tool

B: Brush tool

T: Type tool

To switch between tools within groups (marquee tools, lasso tools, etc), add the Shift key to letters above. For example, shift-L will cycle through the lasso tools.

Ctrl-+: Zoom in

Ctrl–: Zoom out

Ctrl-1: Show at 100%

Ctrl-0 (zero): Fit to window size

Hold Space Bar to go to hand tool

Hold ctrl-space bar to go to Zoom In Tool

Hold ctrl-space-bar-alt to go to use Zoom Out Tool

Hold space-bar to move entire selection when making a selection.

Hold Shift when using a selection tool to add to selection.

Hold Alt when using a selection tool to subtract from a selection.

Hold Shift when using Marquee or Shape tool to draw square or circle (square with rectangle marquee or rectangle shape, circle with ellipse marquee or ellipse shape)

Hold Alt to draw from center (Marquee or Shape tool)

Ctrl-Shift-I: Invert Selection.

Alt-Delete or Alt-Backspace: fill with foreground color.

Ctrl-Delete or Ctrl-Backspace: Fill with background color.

Ctrl-Alt-I: Image Size.

Ctrl-Alt-C: Canvas Size

Ctrl-Z: Undo

Ctrl-Alt-Z: Multiple Undo’s

[ or ]: Use with brush tool to decrease / increase brush size

Which keyboard shortcuts do you use most often? Which ones would be on your list?


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