Three Alternatives to Photshop

Video Overviews of the Three (Free) Photoshop Alternatives

Photoshop is a great program, but often times you don’t need all the features and techniques that Photoshop offers.

The top four Photoshop alternatives we looked at several weeks ago give you the basic image-editing options, with varying degrees of additional functionality.

The following three free image-editing programs offer all you need in an image-editing program. 


This video gives you an overview of one of Photoshop’s best known alternatives – GIMP. It’s similar to Photoshop in many ways and …. it’s free!

Get Gimp. is a very powerful image-editing program. It’s desktop is similar to Photoshop in many aspects.


This video demonstrates an online option for photo editing. offers great features and valuable editing techniques.

Pixlr online.

What has been your experience with image-editing programs? Which ones do you recommend?

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