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If you’ve been in the creative field for any length of time, my guess is you’ve ran across Behance. Behance is a website where you can share your work, where you can connect with other Creatives, and where you can sell you work. Behance also offers products for Creatives. Let’s explore these aspects of Behance and see how Behance can help you promote your work.

Share Your Work

Showcase and discover your Creative Work. Behance lets you set up projects. A project is a gallery of your work. You can have multiple projects. For example, if you are a photographer and a graphic designer, you could have two projects. One to showcase your photography. One to show your graphic design work.

Network of Creatives

Connect with other CreativesYou can view portfolios from other Creatives and follow them. Members can also form groups and invite others to join. You can set up a group to be public or private. Members of a group can work together, share ideas, give feedback etc.

Sell Your Work

Sell your Creative WorkYou can easily sell your work right from your portfolio. If you already have an existing online store, you can link to it. If not, use Behance store features to set up shop within your portfolio.

Products for Creatives

Products for Creatives

Behance Outfitter is a separate website offering products for the Creative Entrepreneur. Most of their products are tools used to manage projects or to capture ideas. One of their more interesting products: IdeaPaint. Transform any smooth surface into a dry-erase writing area.

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