CSS Menu Generators

Recently, I did a post on CSS Layout Generators. I showed you the CSS Portal website. It has a very good layout generator. In this post let’s look at CSS Menu Generators.

CSS Menu Generators do just that. It generates the code (CSS and html) and provides the images for a menu of your choice.

In the three examples below, each sites provides a group of templates. You can customize the menu to show your desired menu options and links. In one of the options, you can also set the color of the menu. In the other options, the color is set by your template selection.


This one was my favorite. It is very easy to use. It also had the most templates to choose from. You can choose between horizontal, vertical, or drop down menus.

After choosing the type of menu, you add your own menu and links:

As you built the menu, you can preview it at any time:

When completed, you download the CSS, html, and images and plug it into your own site. Very straightforward and easy to use.


This one is also very easy to use. It doesn’t have the selection that the first one has. It has only horizontal menus and doesn’t offer drop down options. But, it is very straightforward and can be customized just like the one above.


This site also lets you choose between vertical and horizontal options. You can also add drop down menus to both types. This option is probably the most flexible option, but with flexibility comes complexity. It has its own built-in menu editor.

If you are looking for a lot of customization options, this would be the one to use.

All these options can save you time in setting up customized menus for your site.

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