Website Options for Photographers

Are you a photographer wanting to get your photos online? Or do you know someone who takes awesome photos and they need to get their photos online? I talked with a published photographer this week and we discussed website options for photographers. Options that offer online portfolios, ecommerce capabilities, password protected galleries, and provides the …

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Basic CSS for Links

I was asked recently how to use CSS to format links on a web page.  This is a very basic introductory tutorial. There are many additional features one can use to spice up your buttons, but this will get you started. In this brief tutorial, I define how I want my links to appear via …

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CSS: Absolute and Relative Positioning

For a long time, the use of Absolute and Relative positioning has confused me..and it still does sometimes, but I think I am understanding it more and more. In this video, Kevin Powell explains how Absolute positioning works with Relative positioning when it comes to placing elements on the page.