Website Options for Photographers

Are you a photographer wanting to get your photos online? Or do you know someone who takes awesome photos and they need to get their photos online?

I talked with a published photographer this week and we discussed website options for photographers. Options that offer online portfolios, ecommerce capabilities, password protected galleries, and provides the photographer the necessary tools to ‘easily’ set up and maintain their own site.

After talking with him, I decided to check out the sites he mentioned. In reviewing those sites, I found a lot of similarities – at least from the ‘Features’ perspective. However, I also found that users of these sites have their own thoughts/recommendations on which sites are better. One of the biggest ‘issues’ seemed to be the ease or the difficulty of uploading hundreds of photos at one time.

Below is the list of sites along with pricing, storage capabilities, etc. They all offer free trials. My suggestion would be to try them out. Fourteen days seems to be the standard trial period. After that, you can decide which one works best for your environment.

All of them come with ‘customizable’ options. My take on that is that you may need to know something about HTML/CSS to really make them customizable. If that is something you want to do and you’d rather not tackle that yourself, feel free to contact Onward! Studios – we can assist in that area!

  • unlimited storage
  • $40-$150/year
  • 50 themes to choose from
  • allows video
  • ecommerce option

  • storage: 2 gig +1 gig/yr storage for basic plan, other plans have unlimited storage
  • $25-100/yr
  • 25 themes
  • ecommerce option

  • $1 trial for 14 days for higher end plans
  • has a basic plan that is free
  • 9 themes to choose from (at least for basic plan)
  • free to $109-$549/year
  • $50 dollar set up free to sell prints – for basic plan
  • free site has limited storage (150meg)
  • storage for paid plans: 10gig to 100 gig

  • allows video
  • unlimited portfolios
  • up to 64 images in a portfolio
  • $39/month
  • 3gig disk space
  • ecommerce option

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