Iaza, Now Called Ezimba, Free Online Image Editor

Iaza Ezimba rocks! (Iaza is now Ezimba.)
It is an online image editor program. It’s free. It’s easy to use. It’s simple, yet with one click of a button applies amazing techniques. 


Iaza  Ezimba is all you need for your basic photo manipulations, and then some. Once you upload your image, you can convert, adjust, add border, resize, shift color, animate, warp, change it to a pencil drawing, etc. The options are varied and are many.
Just to give you a taste of some of the options within each category. I started with this image:
Original Sunset Image

Then, I experimented with Iaza.Ezimba. Below is just a sampling of a few of the techniques you can apply.




I used the goldbar texture for the above effect.

Art Frame

There are a variety of frames to choose from.

Border Text

You can choose the colors for your labels. You an also do animated labels. Amazing.


This is just one of the many types of animations available. You can also scroll, spin, vibrate, deform, etc. The Matrix animation is worth checking out, or the Morph, or… It goes on and on!

Blend Images

You can select two images you want to blend and set the transparency of the top image.


You can set how much swirl you want, ranging from -130 degrees to 60 degrees.


3D Shape

There are various 3D shapes to choose from.

Oil Paint

My favorite!

In the examples above, I only applied one effect at a time. You can also apply multiple effects to one image. Visit Ezimba for more options.

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