top wordpress sliders

Top 3 WordPress Sliders

top wordpress sliders

In this post, I list my favorite WordPress sliders. Screenshots of each WordPress slider and a brief overview is provided.

Revolution Slider

revolution slider - wordpress slider

Revolution Slider is my favorite slider. Multiple slideshows can be created for your website and placed wherever you’d like.

Revolution Slider at CodeCanyon

It lets me layer items on each slider. This gives me more flexibility and better SEO results. It’s responsive and comes with multiple effects and transitions/animations for each object (layer). Buttons can be added and videos embedded. All of this is controlled from within WordPress. There is no need to create a new slider in an image editing program.



slideshow wordpress plugin


The responsive SlideShow plugin let’s you create as many slideshows as you need with as many slides as needed.


Slideshow WordPress plugin

It allows for image slides, video slides and text slides. Title and descriptions can also be added. Each slideshow can be customized with its own settings and styles.


vslider wordpress plugin

This responsive slider is one of the easiest sliders to use. I have installed vSlider successfully on several different sites. I like the flexibility and ease-of-use of this slider.

set options for vslider wordpress plugin

You can customize each slideshow and add as many images as you’d like. Headings and descriptions for each image can be added. Slideshows can be added anywhere on your site via a shortcode or php.

Comment below and share your favorite WordPress slider and what you like about it.


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