CSS3 Maker

If you are into the latest CSS options, check out CSS3 Maker.

This very useful site lets you experiment with various CSS settings, then gives you the option to download the CSS. Beautiful!

And, that’s just the beginning.

Remember, these CSS options are CSS3 – meaning they may not work in older browsers. But, it even helps with that by displaying on the site which versions of browsers the current feature you are working on will work in.  And, it even shows mobile compatibility. Nice!

At the top left of the website is a drop down. Choose the specific CSS3 feature from this list.

You can also choose a feature from the options across the top:

At the top left of the screen, below the drop down feature list, are the parameters for the selected CSS3 property. Experiment with these till you get the look you want.

After setting the properties, I always glance at the Browser Compatibility section to be sure I understand which browsers will handle this CSS3 feature.

At the top right, it shows the code for this feature, and an option to download the code. The Download option will save it as a zip file, making it easy to copy and paste code into your website.

And that, my friends, is CSS3 Maker.

Visit the site and experiment with the latest CSS3 features.


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