Creately: Online Diagrams and Flowcharts

Creately is an online diagramming tool for flowcharts, mindmaps, wireframes, and more. It has an extensive library of object sets and ready-made templates. It has built-in collaboration options that let you share, review, update and track online diagrams.

Creately’s inuitive interface makes it quick and easy to create diagrams.

It has a myriad of shapes and symbols to choose from ranging from basic shapes to org charts to people shapes to SWOT templates, etc. Here are just a few of the samples:








Click and drag the symbols of your choice to the diagram window.  Need to move the symbol after placing it your diagram? Simple. Click and drag to the new location. The specific x,y coordinates will show up as you drag the object.





After adding an object you can also, add text below the object, add a connector, define the stacking order, or add a duplicate object.






To connect an object to another object simply click on the 2nd object on the desired side. Creately adds the connecting lines.









At the top of the working area is the normal menu options. You can add your own lines, text, and images. You can specify fill and stroke colors for your shapes.


When you are ready to share your diagram with others, click on the share option at the right of the workspace area.






Easily send emails to your reviewers by entering their email addresses.






Enable a view link for your diagram for your reviewers to preview your work.


When you are done with the diagram, you can publish it and share on Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, or embed it on your website.

Check Creately out.  It’s free and they provide an online demo version for your to experiment with.


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