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CSS3 Maker

If you are into the latest CSS options, check out CSS3 Maker. This very useful site lets you experiment with various CSS settings, then gives you the option to download the CSS. Beautiful! And, that’s just the beginning.

Web-able Images

Ever notice how sometimes an image slowly paints itself into place on a webpage? It’s as if we see the pixels downloading and showing up on our screen a line at a time. That is an image that has not been ‘webitized’. As a web designer, it’s important that our images are  ‘web-able’.

Background Colors and Gradients

We’ve discussed adding background images to our web pages – as a background for the entire page and as a background for boxes within our web pages. In this post, let’s look at adding background colors (which we’ve covered a bit already) and using gradients as our backgrounds.

Adding background images

Background images add a lot of interest to a website. Not only can we have a background image for the entire site, but each box (container) can have it’s own background image. Let’s start by looking at CSS properties relevant to background images, then we’ll look at some examples.

Creating Nested Boxes in CSS

In our last post we discussed ‘seeing’ the boxes. In this post, let’s look at creating those boxes. The beauty of CSS is the ability to place items where we want to on a page. Much of this placement is handled by using nested boxes (aka containers).

Seeing The Boxes

In the last post we covered how to create boxes within CSS. Let’s expand that and discuss how we do nested boxes – which is most likely how we will be using boxes within a webpage layout. One box for the entire page, then a collection of boxes within the main box. (By the way, …

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Creating a Box in CSS

One of the beauties of CSS is being able to create a box (container) of information. The placement of the box is dependent on its relationship with the surrounding elements and what we call the parent containers. Without going into that kind of detail (at least in this post), let’s discuss how to create a …

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Do-It-Yourself Websites

There are more and more options available for creating your own website. As an owner of a web design business, I have mixed feelings about this. But, I tend to think the world is big enough for all kinds of opportunities. I think it is exciting how technology has advanced to the degree that it …

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