WordPress Webinar Videos

How to Add Information to Your Sidebar and Footer

In  this webinar, you will learn:

  • what are ‘Widgets’?
  • how to use the Widgets Page in Dashboard
  • how to add ‘widgets’ to sidebar / footer
  • how to manage Widgets

And, you will discover the most popular widgets.

By the end of the webinar, you will be able to determine which widgets you want to use on your website.

Plus, there is a 5-minute bonus at the end describing how you can selectively choose which pages your widgets show up on.


How to Set Up Your WordPress Custom Navigation Menu

This webinar show you how to set up a custom menu in WordPress. It includes:

  • how to add drop-down menus
  • how to customize your navigation menu
  • how to create a page that lists all your posts in a certain category
  • how to add a link to another website
  • how to add sidebar navigation
  • and more!


The 4 Steps You Need to Know to Set Up Your WordPress Website for Blogging

This webinar covers not only the 4 steps, but also:

  • Why blog
  • What to blog about
  • Types of blogs
  • and, of course, The 4 Steps You Need to Know




Managing Your WordPress Website Pages / Content

In this webinar, we cover:

  • 3 pages you need on your website
  • organizing your website
  • using page layouts
  • adding elements to your pages
  • introduction to ‘widgets’ (sidebar and footer content)
  • adding/editing/deleting pages


Essentials of Plugins: Part 2

In this week’s webinar we review how to set up and use plugins that cover the following 4 essential functionalities:

  • Anti-spam
  • Backup
  • Forms
  • Social Media

For each functionality, we review 2-4 popular plugins and compare the advantages/disadvantages for each plugin.

The Essentials of WordPress Plugins

This webinar was the 1st of a series of webinars about plugins.

In this initial webinar, we discuss:

  • Purpose of Plugins
  • Where to Find Plugins
  • How to Manage Plugins
  • Essential Functionalities covered by WordPress Plugins
  • Recommended Plugins

Links mentioned in webinar:


How to Find, Install and Customize a WordPress Theme

This webinar was all about Themes! We covered:

  • Where to find WordPress Themes
  • How to Select a WordPress Theme
  • How to Install a WordPress Theme
  • How to Customize a WordPress Theme
  • And, finally How to Delete a WordPress Theme

And, a bonus at the end of the webinar: How to find out which theme a WordPress site is using



First Steps in Setting Up Your WordPress Website

In this webinar, we cover

  • how to choose a domain name
  • how to select a web host
  • how to install WordPress