Unleashing Your Potential Through Collaboration

Unleashing your potential through collaboration

All of our projects are team projects. Whether it’s training or designing a website. Together, we come up with the package that works best for you.


Training is an interactive environment. We share our knowledge, our experiences, and our expertise to add to your knowledge, experiences, and expertise. Our training allows ample time for questions and discussions to make sure you learn what you need to know. Most of our training is done through webinars and workshops. See the Training page for more info.


We are often asked how does the process work? How does one go from wanting a website to having a website?

We collaborate throughout the entire process. We have an initial consultation to get us on the same page. It’s a team project from start to finish.  Throughout the process we discuss and discover what works and what doesn’t work..together. This collaboration remains throughout the entire process. In the end, it’s a website that works for you. For us, we’re happy campers that yet another Creative Entrepreneur is sharing their work with the world.

Here’s a quick summary list of the process:

  1. Initial meeting
  2. Proposal
  3. 3 Design Ideas presented to Client
  4. Review Design
  5. Finalize Design (includes the main sections of the site)
  6. Client sends content
  7. Content added to site
  8. 2-3 Reviews of site during the Content stage
  9. Review of Final version
  10. Tweak Final Version
  11. Launch!