Cheat Sheet for Adobe Illustrator

Have you used Adobe Illustrator? If you are like me, I use it some but not often enough to remember some of the tools. I was pleased to see this infographic in my inbox this morning. One of my new favorite sites just sent out this ever-so-helpful cheat sheet for Adobe Illustrator.

I came across this week. They offer amazing content – helpful and easy to follow. And, did I mention it is free? Check them out and leave them your email – you’ll get great content delivered to your inbox.

They came out with a very helpful infographic called Adobe Illustrator Cheat Sheet. I know we tend to focus more on Photoshop and WordPress, but every once in a while it’s helpful to do a bit with Adobe Illustrator. Illustrator is for drawing your own artwork. For those times, here’s a helpful cheat sheet.

The keyboard shortcuts are nice, but I find the 11 Top Tips very helpful.

Adobe Illustrator - Cheat Sheet

Adobe Illustrator – Cheat Sheet was created by FirstSiteGuide Team.

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